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Luo Fa Hui's Biography
1961 Born in ChongQing, China
1985 Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, ChongQing
2000 -
Teacher at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, ChongQing

Luo Fa Hui's interest in art started at a very young age with copying pictures from his grandfather's collection, Fa Hui was one of the few lucky people able to follow the formal path in Arts education in China at that time.

During his 7 years at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Art, he acquired a strong basic knowledge of painting.   However, with the opening up of China to the outside world, he had a chance to study traditional Chinese art as well as making a survey of world art history and new artistic concepts.   He is now teaching in the Sichuan Educational University.

For a long period of time, he painted in a lyrical manner: he painted figures and landscape.   The beauty composed by bodies and landscape was, somehow, inner-world-oriented.   The artist stressed the subtleties of color and technique, and thus brought his audience to poetic and imaginative scenes.

The faces are stupefied and unreal with a distorted superimposition. It is clear that the artist has no interest in any real faces but, on the contrary, he is trying to reveal something behind the faces, such as flowers, branches of trees and clouds, for these symbols are closely related to women and traditional ideas of poetic beauty.

Luo Fa Hui brings an intellectual quality to his art.   His most recent work has become more unreal, exaggerated and mystical.   This mystical element comes from dramatizing the heads instead of naturalizing the scenes. The distortion of the heads is conceptual.