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Guo Wei's Biography
1960 Born in Chengdu,China
1989 Graduate from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. Lives and works in Chengdu
2004 Face to Face - Six Artist and A Time, Robert & Li Art Gallery,Taiwan
2004 In Between, Tang Gallery, Bangkok
2003 From China with Art, Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta
2003 New Painting2003, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai
2003 L'Art Contemporain Chinois, Foundation Culturegest, Lisbone
2002 Works by GuoWei, Gallery of Tempororary Exhibitions-Casa, Gayden OrientFoundation, Macau
2002 The Ist Triennial Art Chinese, Guang Zhou Art Museum, GuangZhou
2002 Paris-Peking, Espace pierre Cardin, Paris
2002 Guojin adn Gouwei,Courtyard  Gallery, Beijing
2002 The Paintings of Gou Wei and Gou Jin ,Goedhuis Contemporary, New York
2001 Next Generation Art, Contemporain D'Asie, Paris Passage de Retz, Cultural Center, Paris
2001 Dream, Atlantic Art Gallery, London
2000 The First Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Monden Art Museum, Chengdu
2000 Gou Wei and Gou Jin New Works, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing
2000 FUTUROE, Chinese Contemporary Art, Macau
2000 Door of Century, Chengdu Monden Art Museum, Chengdu
1999 1999 Art China! Limn Gallery, San Francisco
1999 14th Asian International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka
1998 Confused…Reckoning with the Future Contemporary Chinese Paintings and Photography, Amsterdam
1998 Guo Jin and Guo Wei, Franders Contemporary Art, London
1998 The Gou Brothers, Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore
1997 8+8-1, Selected Paintings by 15 Contemporary Artists, Schoein Art Gallery, Hong Kong
1997 China New, Kulturprojekte, Basel, Switzerland
1997 The First Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong
1996 Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition, Munich, Germany
1996 Eleven - the Avant-Garde, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong
1995 The History of Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition from Realism to Post-Modernism, Gallerie Theoremes, Brussels
1993 China's New Art post-1989, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong
solo exhibitions
2001 Solo Show, Frumkin/Duval Gallery, Los Angeles
2001 Solo Show, LIMN Gallery, San Francisco
2000 Gou Wei solo exhibition, Galerie LOFT, Paris
Gou Wei often paints naked young people in the bath or on the beach. The drippings and daubs are as irritating as buzzing insects. The bodies of the subjects have been painted with smears and loose strokes, like a picture taken with too long a shutter release time. The use of black and white is also a reference to photography. Underneath the imperfections the painter shows us the beauty of the bodies